Indianapolis Wing Chun Kuen

Welcome to the home of Indianapolis Wing Chun Kuen!


Indianapolis Wing Chun Kuen is for those who are interested in joining a gathering of people who want to train seriously and improve their Wing Chun skills and self-defense skills through application, hard training and hard work. A place where one can train in Wing Chun without having to cut through the red tape of martial art politics and subculture and become part of a group of serious yet friendly martial artists. If you become a student, you will be taught the entire system without secrets, veiled mysticism or anything held back.


If you are in the Fishers/Indianapolis area and you have an interest in training or learning Wing Chun, I encourage you to read through the website, then contact me with any inquiries that aren't addressed here on the site.


**If you are a practitioner of Wing Chun and are just looking for training/chi sau partners, please feel free to email me and find a time to drop by. We welcome all styles and lineages!**

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